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The Huldra Oil & Gas platform for sale

Posted on: October 23, 2011

Well kept 20 bedroom platform for sale. Panorama sea view and plenty of room for a helicopter.


The Huldra platform, which has been in production since 2001, will be shutting down its production in a few years and is therefore sold to the highest bidder.

The platform is built with a timeless and durable steel jacket, top side with living quarters, helideck and production facilities.

Owner has maintained platform regularly, and it stands as a modern and sensible solution.


Currently, the platform has a 360 degree sea views of the North Sea, in blocks 30 / 2 and 30 / 3 about 16 miles from the Veslefrikk field, but the buyer will have to move the platform to a new location.



By boat: West out of Bergen, out to sea. Turn left when you come to the Veslefrikk platform and proceed 16 kilometers.


Only your imagination limits what it can be used for.

It has worked as a production platform for the Huldra field, which is a field with high pressure and high temperature. This means that the platform is solidly built and able to cope with challenging circumstances.

The platform is designed for a longer session than 15 years, and production facilities, both topside and jacket are still in good technical condition.

Recycling will save both costs and the environment, and is therefore regarded as a far better option than scrapping.

A potential buyer will be able to get a more cost effective and faster development of the field with the reuse of Huldra.

For more info : click here

Download Technical Information : click here

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